Your Solution Story Matters: Shifting from Problem to Possibility


Your product or service is about more than simply reacting to a problem; you are actively shaping a response to it. You want to be associated with that innovative solution.

Thaler Pekar & Partners offers a practical and efficient tool that communicates your solution in an engaging and positive context, and invites your listener to assist in replicating that success.

Invite your listeners to join you in your solution. Help your listeners become the hero of the story!

Through broad and playful exercises about being conversationally additive and invitational, to practical applications of audience identification and segmentation, to perfecting the sharing of stories about the solutions you offer (and not the problems you address), Your Solution Story Matters: Shifting from Problem to Possibility establishes a solid platform for even more success. 

“I heard you speak this week at MPHA and told you that I was using your storytelling format to present at Rotary about our public health home visiting collaboration with ImagineIF Library in Kalispell, MT. All I can say is THANK YOU!!!!!! It went better than I could have imagined. I had five minutes to describe our work with the Library to offer families literacy kits that were purchased through a small local business grant. The Library is pursuing local support that will allow a continuation and expansion of the kits to more families. I shared a story about a family that received a kit. I put a place in time, described the kids and the emotional and sensory pieces of the story, which included stress, chaos, and a family split by the father having to work away and a mother juggling work, childcare, the start of kindergarten and two rambunctious children on her own. I gave the kids false names to protect their identities; the names helped the audience feel connected.

I added, “Imagine if…every family in our community had increased opportunities for literacy. What kind of an impact would that have on our youth, our adults, our schools, our businesses when the next generation enters the work force with higher literacy rates. What would the impact be on crime and poverty?”

I asked for support from a room of business people, healthcare administrators, and educators. I returned to my table and several Rotary members I was seated with had tears in their eyes and thanked me for the work we do and the collaborations we have built. I received several pats on the backs, many handshakes, three invitations for future speaking engagements, and two completely separate from each other, “you knocked it out of the park” comments!!!!

I owe you a huge thank you. Your tactics really worked!!! What a powerful tool. Thank you for taking time to share your knowledge and skills with us here in Montana.”

– Holly Jordt, Flathead City-County Health Department, Montana

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