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Thaler profiled by Silicon Republic.

“How to best share powerful and truthful stories when others insist they can tell your story better than you.”

Now is the time to invite and amplify the stories of supporting and heroic collectives.

By “storifying” our days, we can step back, reflect, and learn.

Victoria Ward, of London’s Sparknow, reflects on a conversation she and Thaler had about Thaler’s extensive work in oral history.

Labeling stories “dangerous” dismisses them and reduces understanding of complex situations and experiences. Stories work to surface and illuminate truth.

Listen to Thaler on BBC Radio!

“Oral history is the perfect tool for celebrating the multiplicity of voices that define a legacy and create new, legacy-worthy futures.”

“To me, vulnerability means weakness and fragility, being a target for harm and humiliation. When people are advised to be vulnerable, it seems they are being encouraged toward — even to proclaim — a willingness to be attacked.”