Rallying & Strengthening a Communication Team

Kimberly Maki, Vice President, Corporate Communications, knew the success of Bright House Network’s new high profile marketing campaign depended upon her communication team. They, especially, needed to fully engage both customers and colleagues in hearing, understanding, remembering, and reinforcing the narrative of the “Hello, Friend!” campaign.

Over the course of two days, Thaler Pekar helped more than 30 senior executives and communication staff members explore the importance of narrative and story to their work and to the success and sustainability of the campaign. The team felt respected and assured enough to take apart what they do daily, discovering and delighting in new ways to apply narrative and story in multiple communication channels. Each team member was also professionally filmed sharing a story against a green screen, for use in both the internal and external campaign.

Bright House Networks is measuring the increase in narrative skills of the communication team, evaluating each member on both the quality and quantity of stories they find and share.

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