Narrative Mapping


What is the Big Story – the narrative – of your organization, product, or idea?
What is your Big Story as an entrepreneur and leader?

Thaler Pekar & Partners works with smart leaders and organizations to discover, develop, and share practical and sustainable narratives and smaller, supporting stories.

  • Your narrative is the core of your organization. It is the framework that results from synthesizing values, culture, ethos, activities, and existing communication, including stories.
  • Stories contain emotions and details about the complexities of your work, impact, and vision, and support and strengthen your core narrative.

Our narrative maps and message frameworks direct you in communicating your approach, activities, achievements, and aspirations. By sharing small stories in support of one common, large narrative, you achieve brand clarity and unity, and amplify brand value.

Krista O’Malley, the CEO of Make (now cmnd+m), reached out to Thaler Pekar & Partners after she was on a business trip with one of their young designers. He still lived at home, and she asked him what his parents thought about his work. He replied that he hadn’t told them anything about his job, because he thought he wasn’t allowed to, since much of the retail design firm’s work occurs under strict non-disclosure agreements. A code of silence had permeated the organization, even as projects launched and became public. Krista realized she needed an easily sharable and repeatable story that clearly articulates the firm’s astonishing work.

Thaler Pekar & Partners reviewed all marketing materials, promotional decks, and responses to proposals. And we interviewed current and past employees, clients, and vendors, gathering and analyzing stories to distill the firm’s narrative, archetypes, and emotional drivers.

Now, the firm is deploying the narrative in defining their identity and engaging current and potential employees and clients. And, at a critical period of growth and expansion, they continue to elicit stories as a means of sharing knowledge and driving innovation.

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