Impact Stories

Strengthening Communication

Fortune 50


Our client, a C-Suite Executive, was losing control of the narrative of their team’s work and impact. Their team was no longer aligning around strategy and vision. At risk was institutional support and reputational damage.


Thaler Pekar & Partners provided unlimited one-on-one communications coaching. We focused on the clarity of the executive’s speaking and listening. And we immediately increased their capacity to de-escalate conflict. We shared our trademarked tools for organizing and controlling communication, especially under pressure.

After careful exploration of the existing narrative, we developed strategies enabling the client to shift the narrative and achieve their vision. This included the discovery and refinement of scalable solution stories.

The executive’s communication skills are now considered one of their professional strengths.

Able to clearly articulate and motivate participation in the vision, our client quickly realigned their team, elevated their stature within the institution, and increased morale.

Accelerating Change



Novartis was eager to accelerate adoption of a new global approach to compliance and integrity, while decreasing the time and money required for institutionalization.


Thaler Pekar & Partners worked with a cohort of senior leaders around the world, directing them in finding, refining, and delivering their own stories of compliance and integrity. By focusing on stories with both the attributes of integrity and the absence of compliance, the leaders were able to efficiently and effectively demonstrate the expected norms and behaviors.

A global audience was invited to imagine themselves in culturally appropriate situations, behaving with similar integrity, accelerating compliance around the world.

TP&P developed a customized booklet for each leader to provide ongoing support in sustaining a culture of easily understood, internalized, indisputable, and implementable values and behaviors.

Strategic Planning

Grass Foundation


Prior to undertaking a strategic planning process, The Grass Foundation wanted clarity around the organization’s past and present so that it could authentically move forward into the future.


Thaler Pekar & Partners gathered oral histories of current and former board members, beneficiaries of the foundation, and colleagues.

Through recorded oral histories, we connected the past and present to the future of the Foundation.

TP&P analyzed the interviews for contradictory and complementary emergent patterns, motivations and values; tensions; assumptions and aspirations; and other narrative aspects. We also teased out the Foundation’s own solution stories for further development and application.

Our analysis and reporting are shaping the strategic planning process. The Foundation has videos and transcripts to add to their archives. Bolstered with the confidence that comes from a shared sense of history and purpose, board members are adopting new and creative ways of moving forward.