Oral History & Story Collection


Bruce Weindruch of the History Factory, Thaler Pekar, and David Isay of StoryCorps speaking about their oral history work.

By gathering oral histories through audio and video, Thaler Pekar & Partners guides you in assembling, clarifying, and amplifying the past, present, and future of your organization.

Through firsthand accounts of your organization, you will:

  • Gather the stories of your culture
  • Glean insight into your brand
  • Discover emergent themes, connections, and alignment among stakeholders
  • Identify the resources and behaviors that were necessary to your successes (and present at the failures).
  • Surface and share best practices

By inviting your leadership and staff to engage with the past, you will:

  • Explore and articulate core values and beliefs
  • Boost employee engagement, shared purpose, and morale
  • Celebrate success and foster innovation
  • Develop clarity on the legacy you are creating
  • Co-create the future.

Let us help you discover and share your stories. Story collections provide focused, curated content for your advertising, marketing, social media, advocacy, sales, fundraising, training, and onboarding activities.

We don’t like the term “storybank”: it connotes dust-gathering, hoarding, and a certain deadness of the material. Instead, we ensure that your organization’s stories are easily searchable, highly accessible, frequently shared, and used to prompt additional stories, both internally and externally.

Gathering oral histories and stories also delves into all three areas necessary to building a narrative organization – an organization where brand identity is clear and appealing, audiences are quickly and sustainably engaged, leaders strategically share stories, and knowledge is easily gathered and shared.

We provide expertise, ethics, analysis, respect, and imagination to your oral history and story gathering. Leading organizations trust Thaler Pekar & Partners with their stories and memories.


At the Hector Pieterson Museum, Soweto, South Africa. Thaler was in South Africa gathering oral histories and stories for The Atlantic Philanthropies.

Read Thaler’s short article, Working with Story: How to use oral histories to capture the past and communicate in the future, at Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Related: Hearing the Stories Within the Stories, also at Stanford Social Innovation Review.

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