What do you want your listener to do? How can you best clarify the goal of your communication?


Invite your listeners to play a role. How will they know your communication is meant for them?


What will most resonate with your audience?

Engagement Equation®

Client Example


A DC-based public affairs firm approached us to develop the professional communication skills of their full staff; to align the staff in speaking about the firm; and to secure new business. 


The Engagement Equation® was used to explore the ways in which business development conversations can commence; to demonstrate and appreciate each employee’s individual voice; and to realize the importance and practicality of setting intention, gaining trust, and demonstrating respect.


By thoroughly experiencing and understanding the structure of engagement, employee morale, confidence, and sense of ownership significantly increased and has been sustained; the staff achieved clarity on their shared intention; and new business development accelerated.

Services We Offer

Organizational Consulting

We work with people throughout your organization, guiding them in the application of the Engagement Equation® in all forms of internal and external communication.

Executive Coaching

Through the Engagement Equation®, we guide you in facilitating interactions based on trust and respect. You will be seen as a leader who invites and motivates people to discover and play a purposeful role in enacting your vision.


We deliver interactive keynotes focusing on purposeful and practical communication and inviting discovery and understanding.


Your most successful business development comes from trust and connection! We work with you and your teams on applying the Engagement Equation to all of your communication.

Content Creation

We work with you on applying this proprietary communication process through video, audio, digital, and written communication vehicles.

Bespoke Proprietary Materials

We provide supporting materials — written, video, and audio — that accelerate and sustain your application of the Engagement Equation®, customized for your context and institution.