Services We Offer

Organizational Consulting

We work throughout your organization to strengthen ownership — and move toward ambassadorship — of your change initiatives. And we work with your people on applying the Invitational Incline® with all your stakeholders.

Executive Coaching

We guide you in communicating and realizing your vision, strategy, and impact through the application of the Invitational Incline®. And we work with you to motivate your teams and board to embrace and evangelize your vision.


We deliver highly engaging and interactive keynotes that invite understanding of how communication is heard, internalized, and acted upon.


We work with you and your teams on applying the Invitational Incline® throughout the introduction of processes and products.

Content Creation

As your ideas are introduced, we work with you on developing and sharing stories, messages, and other communication tools that move audiences up the Invitational Incline®.

Bespoke Proprietary Materials

We provide supporting materials — written, video, and audio — that accelerate and sustain your application of the Invitational Incline®, customized for your context and institution.

Invitational Incline®

Client Example


A financial services firm was introducing a first-of-its kind product. They approached us for advice on introducing the product to audiences who would themselves sell the service, and on sustaining and growing relationships with these ambassadors.


The Invitational Incline® was used to orient people within the firm, and to strategize the messages and stories shared with external audiences. The Invitational Incline® was applied to the pitch deck and scripts used by senior leaders.


The product launched successfully and has exceeded sales expectations. Senior leadership is expressing great confidence in speaking both formally and informally about the new product. This confidence is translating into significant industry attention, media placements, and sales.

Early Thoughts in Developing the Invitational Incline®