Services We Offer

Organizational Consulting

We work throughout your organization, achieving communication and cultural clarity through the application of the Narrative Garden across platforms, products, and audiences.

Executive Coaching

We guide you in connecting your vision, strategy, and impact to determine your existing and preferred Narrative Garden. And we work with you to motivate your teams and board to embrace and deploy your vision.


We deliver highly engaging and interactive keynotes that invite understanding of how small stories connect to form big narratives, and the role everyone plays in cultivating a Narrative Garden.


We work with you and your teams on applying proprietary tools and being intentional and strategic about cultivating your Narrative Garden.

Content Creation

As your preferred stories are discovered and determined, we gather them and work with you on refining and amplifying their place in your Narrative Garden through video, written stories, oral storytelling, archival materials, and other communication tools.

Bespoke Proprietary Materials

We provide supporting materials – written, video, and audio – that accelerate and sustain your application of the Narrative Garden, customized for your context and institution.

Narrative Garden

Client Example


A global pharmaceutical company approached us for help because they were encountering pushback in implementing a new compliance and integrity program.


We identified the opportunity to seed stories of the new protocols by highlighting the personal experiences of a select cohort of senior leaders around the world. We guided them in identifying, refining, and delivering their own stories containing the key elements of compliance and integrity. By focusing on these personal stories, leadership was able to efficiently and effectively demonstrate the expected norms and behaviors. 

In targeted global programming, the leaders shared these stories, inviting their audiences to imagine themselves in culturally appropriate situations, and behaving with similar integrity. 


Through their stories, the leaders explained what to do — and what not to do. They spread stories about where they were already successfully implemented and tamped down on stories that were hindering implementation of the new protocols.

Nurturing the seemingly small stories in the large change narrative made the strategy real and more easily operational. The leadership invited participation in the new narrative and compliance accelerated.

Thaler Pekar & Partners worked with a global corporation using the Narrative Garden approach.

As a result of our work, leadership was able to establish and execute successful new company-wide protocols.